In 2006, the institute of studies QualiQuanti realizes the importance of communication through content.


We publish studies, white papers, a blog and other reference works on brand content.


Together with Prache Media Event, we are at the origin of the Grand Prix du Brand Content, created in 2009. We have led a series of initiatives (club, talks, directory, etc.) to enrich the marketing/communication community. The Brand Content Institute keeps a standing committee of experts to reflect on the prospects of the trade.

Specialists in media… 

For the last 25 years, we have had the opportunity to work for several hundred media outlets (TV & radio shows, theme channels, magazines, movies, websites, apps, etc.). We have conducted research on topics such as TV sponsorship, film promotion, product placement, editorial publishing, piracy, leisure and education, digital advertising, music streaming, connected TV and others.

…and brands

We have worked on a wide range of brand platforms and editorial platforms and developed an expertise in brand culture. We have participated in the training or editorial strategy of Sodexo, PMU/Equidia, Pernod-Ricard , SoLocal, Crédit Mutuel Arkea, Malakoff Médéric, BNP Paribas Cardif, MMA, Randstad, Xerfi, Bel, Carrefour, Citadium, 3M, Pampers, Dorel/Bébé Confort, L’Oréal, Essilor, Atlantic, Energizer, among others.


A conductor…

portrait de Daniel Bô

Daniel Bô

Education: Graduate of HEC Paris (1984) and SciencesCom (1986) Academy Carat space (1990)

1987-1989: Advertising executive at Saatchi, Lintas and Equateur

1990: Founded the institute of studies QualiQuanti

1990-2016: Evaluates hundreds of content items (TV shows, thematic channels, films, magazines, websites, apps, etc.) and conducts research on TV sponsorship, product placement and digital advertising

2007: Publishes first study on brand content

2009: Co-writes Brand content (Dunod) Creates with Emmanuelle Prache the Grand Prix du Brand Content

2013: Publishes Brand culture (Dunod)

2015: Self-publishes Brand Content Stratégique

Août 2016: Launches the Brand Content Institute

Known as the “Pope of brand content,” he advocates for a brand content approach that gives meaning and illuminates the cultural background of brands. He is interested in permanents or ephemeral places as territories of expression to be conquered by the brands.

Read the interview with Daniel Bô on the creation of the Brand Content Institute

… 3 founding members…

(portrait de raphaël Lellouche)

Raphaël Lellouche, semiologist, art historian, philosopher and brand expert, former Sorgem’s director of studies, has participated in all the research on brand content and brand culture since 1990.

(portrait de Pascal Somarriba)

Pascal Somarriba, founding CEO of ViaAlternativa, he is a precursor of strategic brand content with Benetton (Colors). For the past 25 years, he has enlightened the reflections on brand content with his international experience at the service of the media (MTV, 13ème Rue, Canal+, etc.) and brands (Benetton, Gap, Cerruti, T Mobile, etc.). Portrait_pascal_somarriba

(portrait d'Emmanuelle Prache)

Emmanuelle Prache, founder of Prache Media Event, has been the organizer of the Grand Prix du Brand Content since its creation in 2009. She publishes the Brand Content Actors Guide and oversees the Grand Prix together with Laura Ottenga.

…a network of consultants…

The Brand Content Institute relies on a network of independent consultants, journalists and former media managers:

Myriam Duteil, lifestyle and food consultant, former general manager of Cuisine TV

Catherine Montrade-Pierotti, general manager of CMP Insights and international consultant

Yasmina Auburtin, editorial consultant (beauty, luxury)

Samantha Campredon, editorial consultant (NGO, documentaries), artistic producer at AFM Production

Karim Bouhajeb, digital marketing and brand content consultant for Morocco (FMCG, ready-to-wear, luxury)

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our network.

…and a committee of experts

To reflect on the prospects of brand content, a committee of experts meets regularly to work on research topics before publishing reports. This is a list of current members: Nicolas LEVANT, CEO at We Are Addict; Thomas JAMET, CEO at IPG Mediabrands; Guillaume MIKOWSKI, Associate Director at Brainso.

If you are an expert and want to contribute to our research, contact us.