Brand Content Observatory

Veille Brand Content (French only) is the most complete brand content observatory available to this day:

  • It features over 6,000 cases selected from around the world (55% internationally), organized by sector, brand, type of content, support
  • It has been updated every day since 2009 (1,000 new cases each year)

Why is monitoring essential?

Whether you’re an advertiser, agency, content producer, etc., this brand observatory:

  • Gives you an opportunity to view yourself in relation to your competition (by sector or area)
  • Stimulates thought through a variety of inspiring cases
  • Offers an overview of the various formats being used
  • Assists you in drawing lessons based on a ten-year history
  • Saves you valuable time

Subscribe to Veille Brand Content

The rate for access to the database by company is:

To subscribe (and receive your passwords) or to browse the 6,000-case database free for 1/2 hour, contact Pierre Gaillardon by email ( or telephone (+33 (0)1 47 90 44 67)


Sector or area benchmarks

Depending on the sector, types of content and media employed, the benchmarks can vary significantly.

For each sector, we need to know the editorial concerns of the public, zero in on the main actors and best practices, map predefined areas, figure out the contact points and relevant distribution channels and conduct a comparative analysis of the different media.

It is useful to take into account:

  • Sectors that are closely related (e.g., banking and insurance, soft drinks and spirits)
  • Sectors that compete around a same area (e.g., the medical, food and insurance sectors clash on the content around the area of “health”)

It is the critical mass of cases that allows us to have a clear picture of the competitive landscape—VeilleBrandContent has identified 150 to 450 relevant cases organized by sector.

To help brands gain a better understanding of editorial strategies, the Brand Content Institute has developed a series of sector studies based on brand content (Luxury, Insurance, Beauty, Food, Distribution, Home, etc.).