10 years of publications

Since 2007, the Brand Content Institute team has been publishing books and reference studies:

  • 2015 (updated in 2016): The study-book Brand Content Stratégique : le contenu comme levier de création de valeur (French version only). A tool for both work and training, it gives concrete answers to 14 questions posed by the brand content stakeholders: how to define brand positioning; how to succeed at brand/content association; how to produce, distribute and evaluate; how to take advantage of the social dimension, manage skills, etc.
  • Since 2007, commissioned studies and white papers on specific topics or sectors

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Blog and reference directory-guide

Created in 2008, the Brand Content blog focuses on brand content news bringing together reflections on this phenomenon. Without a set publication frequency, it shares its views whenever a subject deserves attention.

Created in 2009, the Brand Content Actors’ Directory (French version only) lists the contact details of the main brand content experts (content producers; communication, media, advertising agencies; etc.) and helps advertisers sort through the proposals of the different types of agencies (editorial, media, advertising, reference, PR, digital, social, activation, studies, etc.).

Works based on research

Our research on brand content has led to various publications: a blog (since 2008), two books published by Dunod, a self-published book, a dozen white papers, sector studies, a directory of actors…

At the request of companies, we have published works on consumer magazines, consumer reviews, pop-up stores, brand locations … and many other projects under different dissemination formats.

This Brand Content Institute editorial experience can be of use to all actors who are embarking on this initiative—producing content for yourself is a good way of claiming ownership of the subject.

Capture d’écran 2016-08-06 à 22.53.43Le brand content stratégique, le contenu comme levier de création de valeur (2015, updated in 2016) (French version only)

Brand content Stratégique distills 8 years of research on the subject. The book is updated every 3 months.

To view the first 40 pages of the book, go to: brand-content-strategique_extrait-2016

A tool for both work and training, it answers 14 specific questions: how to define brand positioning; how to succeed at brand/content association; how to produce, distribute and evaluate; how to take advantage of the social dimension, manage skills, etc.

To receive the full version of the printed book (280 pages, A5 format), for €300 (excluding taxes), fill out the online order form:  http://bit.ly/1vWOFAU

couv pop-up storesPop-up store, conquering a new frontier of brand expression (2016)

Klépierre, European leader in shopping malls, offers you its downloadable  white paper.

At the time of the digital revolution, the strategic issue for brands is to establish a strong and direct relationship with their customers. The line between brand communication and business is becoming blurred. Interactivity is ubiquitous in stores. Brand experiences facilitate sales, and ever-more-demanding customers seek new and unique experiences—we have entered the era of the pop-up store.

See the video presentation of the book.

The main topics covered the 80 pages of this white paper are:

  • The emergence of the pop-up store phenomenon in retail, the sectors concerned and the new brand-expression needs that pop-up stores can address
  • The infinite freedom of available formats to create attractive brand experiences
  • The resonance offered by shopping centers to accommodate these ephemeral concepts

Place Branding
Place branding, reinvent the experience (2016)

In 2012, the blog Idées Locales presents a list of the most successful brand locations around the world: hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, amusement parks, etc., places dreamed up by brands to offer their customers an unforgettable experience. This blog, produced by QualiQuanti for PagesJaunes, resulted in the publication of a downloadable white paper in pdf format.

In 2016, this work resulted in a white paper, which breaks down 60 of these initiatives and draws the key lessons to seducing customers in a personalized way—through immersion in places that are rich in meaning.

Competing with digital environments, physical places must offer unique and memorable experiences in order to meet the expectations of the “shopper of the future”: superinformed, demanding, in a hurry and of changing moods; this shopper is in search of meaning and emotions, but also human relationships and social ties.

According to the sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky: “We buy products to live a semblance of adventure and beauty. Consumption is the search for new experiences, a call to eternal youth and a rejection of repetition and routine.”

To differentiate themselves, businesses must take advantage of their specificities: their physical reality as conducive to the creation of original experiences.

The study of specific brand spaces brings to light a number of good practices in this respect: stimulate feelings and reveries, integrate the aesthetic dimension, promote experimentation, empower the human dimension, place the Customer at the center of the experience, offer a memorable experience, provide a moment of well-being.

To create successful customer-experience contexts, businesses need to establish guidelines. Most brands build their space.

Enrichir la relation client avec le consumer magazine (2013) (French version only)

At the request of Mediapost Publicité, we produced a two-part white paper in 2013 in order to:

  • Analyze a large number of French consumer magazines
  • Demonstrate the key role played by this medium in the relationship with the consumer

The two white papers are available for download:

Enrichir la relation client avec le consumer magazine

Enrichir la relation client avec le consumer magazine 2

couv pop-up storesBuilding Brand Culture: Unlock Your Brand’s Cultural Potential

Our first book Brand Content (2009) sets the stage, Building Brand Culture shows you how!
Unlock your brand’s cultural power to drive innovation and let our examples and testimonials help you:

  • Identify cultural sources and modes of expression;
  • Leverage powerful brands’ cultural strengths;
  • Reinforce cultural resonance to bolster customer uptake;
  • Manage brands and cultural diversity in today’s global economy.

Download an excerpt from Building Brand Culture: Unlock Your Brand’s Cultural Potential

couv pop-up storesBrand(ed) content & luxury communications 

Matthieu Guével and Daniel Bô from QualiQuanti analyze the affinities between luxury brands and brand content.

Download Brand(ed) content & luxury communications