Why should you seek the support of the Brand Content Institute?



We follow every stage of content creation: assessment of the brand’s cultural and editorial potential, specifications, prototyping and content plan, evaluation, etc.

An independent consulting center

We are very familiar with the actors and are not associated with any agency, media establishment or content producer—we make it a point of honor to be independent.

A center of expertise grounded on studies

Our advice is based on:

  • Sector monitoring and benchmarks
  • Research (studies, experiences) conducted in partnership with QualiQuanti
  • Know-how developed through mass media (more than 100 TV shows, 60 theme channels, 55 magazines, 100 sites or tested apps, etc.)
  • Tests and studies carried out for brands across all sectors for twenty-five years

Proven expertise

  • Expertise specific to brand content, developed through the work of training and/or supporting many brands with their editorial strategy: Sodexo, PMU/Equidia, Pernod-Ricard, SoLocal, Crédit Mutuel Arkea, Malakoff Médéric, Cardif, MMA, Pampers, Bébé Confort, L’Oréal, Essilor, Atlantic, Energizer as well as several multi-client studies.
  • Exchanges with advertisers (interviews, studies, Grand Prix du Brand Content)

Research on editorial positioning

Choosing one or more editorial positioning areas is a key stage in brand content strategy. The Brand Content Institute has developed a methodology based on 3 pillars:

  • Inventory of existing content on specific areas (produced by media or other brands)
  • Brand culture assessment to identify potential editorial positioning areas based on a brand’s communication
  • Identification of ascending cultural trends that are likely to resonate with the brand

This exploratory work aims to inspire the brand and its consultants to identify relevant niches. It can take place in the form of a live semio-workshop of 1/2 day to 2 days with the semiologist Raphaël Lellouche.

The challenge is to identify themes as well as editorial formats that meet a few criteria: originality, audience interest even enthusiasm, potential in the long term (to generate results), claiming by the brand, etc.

“With a policy of targeted content, if it can afford it, a company has the ability to claim a subject for itself. Hyperspecialization is a stately route for branded content, especially since the classical media have difficulty occupying it.” Daniel Bô


We offer different types of workshops:

  • Sessions on brand culture and research of potential positioning areas: live semio-session from half a day to two days with the semiologist Raphaël Lellouche
  • Workshops for advertising agencies on the value of their offer to brands
  • Workshops on the creation of content with journalists
  • International workshops on claiming and deploying an editorial strategy