Why train in brand content?

Many brands have yet to take the decisive step toward strategic brand content due to a lack of information, know-how and, sometimes, confidence.

Compared to the good old advertising spot, the wealth of possibilities offered by brand content is staggering. Brand content is a complex and diverse phenomenon with strong differences from one sector of activity to another. The drawback of the current offer on brand content training is that it takes a generalist approach.

Customized training

It is essential for the training to be adapted according to the sectors and the key areas of the people receiving the instruction. The analysis of the landscape, the choice of examples and the instructional approach must be defined based on the stakes of the trainees.

Thus, the Brand Content Institute offers customized training:

  • An introductory session lasting 1-3 hours
  • A one-day customized training program focused around the advertiser’s sector and points of interest
  • Approved courses eligible under CPF (French Personal Training Account system)
  • International training in several languages with multilingual trainers


Awareness Talk (1-3 hours)

The Brand Content Institute offers to:

  • Educate teams on the issues of brand content: define the topic and highlight the main areas of content creation
  • Foster creativity through the presentation of “best cases”, adapted to your sector of activity
  • Directly address the questions of your staff

Awareness Talks lasting 1.5 to 3 hours, hosted by Daniel Bô, founder of the Brand Content Institute

Strategic Brand Content one-day training session

The Brand Content Institute offers an intensive one-day training session that answers a number of key questions:

  • How is brand content a lever for value creation?
  • What are the first and second priority targets? What are the editorial expectations of different audiences? How do I disseminate my content to reach my target?
  • What positioning areas should I invest in, what topics should I address? How do I claim ownership of a topic?
  • What formats should I choose?
  • What are the specifics of my sector?
  • How do I properly associate the content with the brand?
  • What are the keys to success, pitfalls to avoid?


In practice:

A one-day workshop hosted by Daniel Bô, founder of the Brand Content Institute.

An approach at once:

  • Theoretical and practical, grounded on 10 years of research, numerous consulting assignments and permanent monitoring
  • Specific, focused on a few sectors (3-4 maximum) or concrete issues you wish to address
  • Customized according to the public and interactive with the teams in charge (marketing, communication, digital… as well as with any advertising agency or other developing content for the brand)